Each and every time an arrest occurs throughout the United States Of America, documents are kept of their crime, as well as details about the particular person, including their name, gender, and where the crime occurred. The SC crime index is put into Fourteen major segments; murder, sexual battery, robbery, aggravated assault, breaking and entering, vehicle theft, larceny, arson, drug laws, weapon laws, simple assault, Drunk driving, liquor laws, and alcohol intake laws. There are, of course, other types of crime, but these are the key ones recorded in the crime catalog.

2016 saw 35,723 overall arrests throughout the state of SC. 2015 numbers were a little higher, at 37,945.

Violent crimes consist of murder, sexual battery, robbery, and aggravated assault, and involve some type of personal confrontation. Violent wrongdoing arrests reached 7,779 in 2016, up 2.6% from the previous year, with the arrest rate per 10,000 residents also climbing 1.2%. Nonetheless, this did show a 35.6% decrease in the last 10 years, and a 43.4% drop in the last twenty years.

Property time, including breaking and entering, MV theft, larceny, and arson were down from 2015. The number of arrests decreased by 8%, with the arrest rate per 10,000 also dropping by 9.2%. Very similar to violent crimes, there was also a fall over both ten- and twenty-year cycles.


There was a drop in murder arrests between 2015 and 2016, but rates climbed from 309 to 316. This continues a year-on-year climb in the last 3 years within the state. However, there has been a large improvement from the 463 murder arrests back in 1991. Excluding the abnormally large 344 figure in 2011, murder arrests have shifted around the 300 mark.

Sexual battery

Sexual battery includes any attack in which someone touches an intimate part of another's body without invitation, usually for sexual fulfillment. . There were 1,037 sexual battery arrests in 1991, with a significant drop down to 533 in 2016. But, arrest numbers were on the rise in comparison to the previous year, with only 470 in 2015.


Another rise from 2015 numbers, robbery arrests are considerably down from 1991 figures, much like sexual battery. 1,762 arrests were made for robberies in 1991, while only 1,411 were recorded in 2016. This emerging pattern implies that there is simply less crime nowadays, compared to 20 or 30 years ago. Despite this long-term drop, numbers still grew by 100 from 2015 to 2016.

Aggravated assault

The aim to intentionally or recklessly cause significant harm or suffering to another human being, with indifference towards the worth of human life is called aggravated assault. There has been a general drop in the rate of aggravated assaults over previous years, despite the increase of 70 between 2015 and 2016. From in excess of Aggravated assault rates have gone from over 10,000 in 1997 to 5,745 in 2016, showing a substantial drop over twenty years. 

Breaking and entering

The very first year-on-year decrease we've seen from 2015 to 2016, arrests in this category seem to be on the decline in recent times. Stats dropped from 4,197 to 4,063 in this time, maintaining a long-running pattern in this crime type. In truth, arrest numbers in breaking and entering have not gone up since 2011, reducing every year since. Figures are also well below the 7,334 heights of 1991.

Motor vehicle theft

The 1,000 barrier was broken again for MV theft arrests in 2016, despite falling below the year before. The tally rose from 987 to 1,140 in this time. MV theft had hit an all-time low of 864 in 2013, but we have seen a sharp increase since then. Figures have still yet to surpass the height of 1,856 arrests in 1992.


Larceny is when someone has their personal property stolen. Arrests for larceny reached 22,351 in 2016, making it undoubtedly the greatest contributor to overall crime statistics in South Carolina. Figures were down 2,000 from 2015, maintaining a three-year continual decline. Arrest numbers for larceny are actually level with the era of 1991, unlike the other groups of crime. Figures in both ’91 and 2016 were both in the 22,000 levelrange, with figure peaks coming as recent as 2014 as they hit over 27,000.


The intentional act of setting fire to a property is called arson. Arson figures hit 164 in 2016, up marginally from the 153 of 2015. This finished four years’ worth of successive decline, but doesn’t represent a large increase in arrests. Figures were at their top in 1993 when they hit 337.

Drug Laws and regulations

Drug law associated arrests increased by 7.6% between 2015 and 2016. There was also a 6.2% rise in arrest rates per 10,000 inhabitants. In spite of a 45.8% rise in arrests in the past 20 years, drug law violations have decreased by 2.4% in the past ten years.

Weapon Laws

There was a 15.9% surge in weapon related arrests between 2015 and 2016. Once again, numbers had reduced from ten years prior, yet were up from Twenty years ago. 

Simple Assault

Simple assault is a term used to illustrate an attempt to induce significant physical damage, fear, or apprehension of upcoming battery without physical contact between wrongdoer and victim. There were declines across the board in this category. . There was a 24.6% and 37.2% decline in arrests in the last ten and 20 years respectively.

Drunk driving

DUI stands for driving under the influence, and involves the perpetrator operating a motor vehicle while inebriated. Driving while intoxicated arrests dropped from 17,793 to 16,925 between 2015 and 2016, showing a 4.9% drop. The rate of arrest was also down by 6.1%. There was a rise in the rate of arrests over both the last 10 and 20 years.

Liquor Laws

Infractions to alcoholic beverage laws fell all round, a lot like simple assaults. Between 2016 and 2016, we saw a 16.9% decrease.

Alcohol Intake Laws

These laws can include anything from intoxication to drunk and disorderly offences. Arrests dropped 13% between 2015 and 2016, with the rate per 10,000 habitants falling by 14.1%. Arrest numbers decreased over both 10 and 20 year cycles by 42.1% and 33.1% respectively.

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