Bracelets are considered simple and fashionable and this is probably
the most important reason for you to sport one. Anchor bracelets have
been in fashion for years and the Internet has given massive prominence
to them. There are thousands of options in anchor bracelets for men and
anchor bracelets for women and making your choice is no big deal. If at
all, you will find it difficult to close in on a specific design because
of the options.

Today, you will see people from all walks of
life including celebrities, politicians, activists or popular cartoon
character wearing anchor-inspired accessories. Many express their love
for the sea and marine life with their anchor bracelet and many consider
them to be the lucky charm that will keep them safe and protected
during their journeys.

Spiritual significance of anchors
design, an anchor is a cross that rests upon a crescent bowl or moon
(depending on how you look at it). Each of the four points of the cross
represents matter. The vertical line of the cross represents spirit and
it units with the horizontal line, which represents matter.

cross, in its entirety, is a sign of masculinity that includes a man's
actions, consciousness and thoughts. The crescent bowl or moon is a
symbol of femininity and represents the womb. It includes a woman's
emotions, intuitions and the subconscious. Thus, it is believed that an
anchor symbolizes steadfastness and hope.

When the anchor of a
ship is raised, everyone knows that the ship is bound for a new voyage.
The metaphor of this in our lives is that we are ready to leave a
stagnant position in our life to begin a new adventure. Similarly, when
the anchor is dropped, it signifies that a ship is now going to rest.
Metaphorically, this can be associated with those phases in our life
where we stop to mull and make a decision.

Anchor bracelets as fashion items
at the number of women and men who sport anchor bracelets, it is safe
to assume that these items of jewellery have caught the fancies of many
fashionistas. While anchor bracelets for women signify style, those that
are designed for men signify power and attention. Typically, these
bracelets have metallic anchors and the threads are made of different
materials. As you go through the options available online, you can take
your pick depending on your personal preferences.

Where to buy?
you are looking for anchor bracelets for men and women that will stand
the test of time, you should choose the online shop carefully. If you do
not want to waste your money and time on getting something that does
not last for long then look out for leading international manufacturers.
Most of them have online presence and you can select your design and
pay using multiple currencies including GBP, EUR, AUD, USD and CAD.

bracelets have been worn since time immemorial and these will continue
to remain in fashion in future too. With more designs now available to
consider, you may even keep changing your bracelet and everyone is bound
to notice – it doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man.

There are spiritual and fashion significances of both anchor bracelets for men and anchor bracelets for women.

anchor bracelets for men anchor bracelets for women

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