Dentists swear upon in contrast to metal wires and braces, since they work using an arrangement of clear, removable plate to rectify teeth. Each aligner is customized to fit over your teeth and is intended to slowly move teeth into their right position. Using clear aligners for orthodontic treatment isn't really meant for everybody. The most ideal approach to see whether clear aligners are the correct choice for you is to connect with your orthodontist for the right guidance.

How do clear aligners work?

Clear aligners are best when used as an option in contrast to traditional metal wires and supports, and are intended to help manage teeth into their right position. Much the same as braces, clear aligners or Woodbury invisalign use pressure technique to control tooth development, yet with no metal wires or supports. The aligners are made with a clear plastic material that has been customized to accommodate your mouth. As your treatment advances, you are required to switch aligners. Each aligner is somewhat designed with a specific purpose, so your teeth move somewhat more with each change.

Aligners are worn for no less than 20 hours every day, and you'll get another aligner in every 15 days. The length of your treatment relies upon the severity of your case, and treatment can take somewhere in the range of a half a year to about two years.
Advantages of orthodontic treatment with invisalign:

Clear aligners are an extraordinary option for patients who need a straighter smile yet would prefer not to wear metal wires, or for patients who have had treatment before and need to make minor adjustments. There are a few focal points to orthodontic treatment with clear aligners.

-    Clear aligners are less difficult when it comes to routine cleaning and making efforts to keep up your oral health.
-    Clear aligners are comfortable to wear and your gums and cheeks are less likely to get treated.
-    Clear aligners keep your teeth safe from normal wear and tear which can result due to teeth grinding.
-    Clear aligners are removable, so it's simpler for you to brush and floss after your meals.

In case you're keen on orthodontic treatment with clear aligners, plan a meeting and discuss with your Woodbury orthodontist about whether this is the correct treatment choice for you or not. Booking an appointment with your dental expert is your first step towards having that beautiful smile you’ve always yearned for.

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