Most of us tend to sell our old phone when it breaks or gets damaged because of numerous issues like broken screen, spilled liquid, dead battery, faulty camera and so on. Though this is not a bad idea as it adds some money to our wallet but there are a lot of other creative ways also to use an old phone. Smartphone is a multi-purpose gadget. So, just get the smartphone repaired and put it to some good use.  There are quite a few good options in the market like MobiGarage which offers mobile repair services and can repair smartphone of any brand, any model. They offer doorstep mobile repair services in Gurgaon. The repair services are of good quality and can restore the phone back to normal. So, use their services and put your phone to some good use.  Listed below are a few good ways to reuse and repurpose your old phone.   Use it as a Hotspot or Skype Station – Having a phone dedicated to make skype calls to chat with friends and family or to turn it into a wi-fi station is something no one would mind. So, that’s the first use you can put your old phone to. Convert it into an alarm clock – An old phone used at your bedside to ring an alarm and awake you every morning is another good use you can put your phone to. Let it be your kindle – Why invest in a gadget like Kindle when you have an old phone to convert into a book reading gadget? Just download an app and indulge into some interesting read.  Turn it into an alternate remote control – Mobile these days are synced and can easily be converted into a remote to control your TV or AC using some apps. So, if your current remote is not working for some reason, you know what to do. Mount it on the dashboard of your car – We don’t move out anywhere without using Google Maps. It takes us to lesser known places with ease and helps us take the shortest and the least congested route otherwise. So, using your old phone for navigation isn’t a bad idea either.   Keep it as an alternate to use in emergency or at wild places – If you are one of those adventurous type who likes cycling or trekking unexplored places or enjoy wild parties, keeping an old phone for such occasions is a great idea. You can enjoy without living in the fear of dropping your phone. Use it as a Digital cookbook – This would be of great use to homemakers especially those who indulge in cooking. Trying their hand at various cuisines watching You tube cooking sessions or videos online with the help of a spare phone can be of great help to them. Creative, isn’t it? Never thought an old smartphone could be so useful? Now you know. So, next time you have an old or a damaged phone, don’t sell it. Get mobile repaired and reuse it for one of the options above.  

Mobile Repair In Gurgaon/Delhi

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