One of the best family activities you can do (sans the little kids!) is visit BC wineries like Dirty Laundry. Going on a wine tour will offer you so many new exciting activities such as visit vineyards and see how grapes are grown, go wine tasting, dine al fresco, go biking around vineyards and many more. If you are having a family gathering and you have been put in charge of finding a new activity to try, consider adding visits to wineries in BC in your itinerary.

Here are some tips that can help you organize your tour to wineries in BC:

1.Decide on the best time to go.

Timing is important if you want to enjoy your tour. During the summer season, it’s best to avoid going in the weekends as this is usually the time when other tourists will also check out wineries. If you want to enjoy more peace and quiet, go during the weekdays for as long as the wineries are open. Also schedule your tour during more agreeable days. Check the weather application and see if heat and humidity are going to be an issue or if there is going to be some rain.

2.Look for BC wineries that accepts tours.

Now reach out to wineries. Some wineries organize their own tours, so try coordinating with them. Find out when they are open and what time they close. You can also find out if there are other tour groups who booked a schedule during your prospective date.

3.Find out what other activities you can include.

There may be other activities to do there. If the vineyard is near the lakeside area, you can try squeezing in water activities. Some wineries also have their own restaurants. You can reserve seats for lunch or dinner.

4.Take your time, don’t rush the process.

If you visit more than 3 wineries in a day, you just might find yourself stressed out. Try visiting just 3 wineries in a day, fewer if you plan on staying for al fresco dining and other activities. Get a feel of the place and immerse yourself in their wine culture. You can appreciate the trip better this way.

5.Hire a van and designate a driver.

Look for a van rental service and find out if they can also provide driving services. Since you will be sampling wines, it’s important that there is a driver who will take you around and who won’t drink wines.

Make sure you come prepared. Bring some snacks and lots of water. Stay hydrated, especially when you schedule your tour in the summer. It can get hot outdoors and you would want to avoid getting dehydrated.

Brooklyn Warne is the Author of this article.To know more about BC wineries please visit our website.

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