Everyone knows that pets can easily become a member of the family. Whether covered in feathers, fur, or scales, pets bring tremendous amounts of joy into the lives of their owners. In order to ensure your furry friend enjoys a long, happy, and healthy life, there are many steps that should be taken. One of the most important steps is to make sure your pet is up to date on all of his or her annual vaccines every year. Make sure to take the time to schedule your pet's annual vet appointment.

Springtime is a great time to do an annual checkup for your pet and get any annual vaccines that may be needed. Vaccines are the best way to protect your pet against a wide range of dangerous and potentially life threatening diseases. If you are behind on getting the recommended vaccines for your pet at his age, you risk your pet contracting a very serious illness. These illnesses can result in lengthy and costly trips to the vet, and can also lead to long lasting side effects and even death. Make sure you schedule an annual spring pet wellness exam so your veterinarian can make sure your pet is in good health and can also check that he's up to date on any vaccines.

Some vaccines last two or three years, while others must be administered annually. This is why spring pet vaccines are a great way to ensure all of your pet's vaccines are administered at the right time. As a puppy or kitten, or any other young pet, there are a number of vaccines that are done at different ages. As your pet gets older, there are fewer vaccines that are needed on a regular basis, but they are still just as important. It can be easy to lose track of time when certain vaccines are only needed every other year or every three years. However, a spring pet wellness exam can work both to monitor other areas of your pet's health and also confirm when the most recent vaccines were administered and what vaccine is due next.

During the spring pet wellness exam, a vet will check many things like your pet's weight, stool sample, and any changes in behavior. Parasite prevention is also a critical component of this exam, as parasites must be caught and dealt with early in order to prevent lasting medical issues. Your vet can recommend preventative treatment to kill and prevent parasites like fleas and heartworm. In addition, a spring pet vaccines can be scheduled for all of the pets in your household, to similarly provide preventative care and ensure your pets continue to bring you joy every day of their lives.

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