A healthy smile can help a person have confidence when they meet people and when they walk into a room. Not everyone is born with perfect teeth. A cosmetic dentist in Roanoke can help a person get the smile that they have always wanted. They can crown and cap teeth so that they are straight an even. The teeth whitening in Roanoke can help a person get clean and white teeth.

The dentist will help a person get the smile they have always wanted. During the initial visit a person will meet with the dentist and talk about what they are looking to get from their oral treatment. X-rays are often taken so the dentist can look at the jaw structure and check for signs of tooth decay. One of the hygienists will give the teeth a good cleaning. A personalized treatment plan will also be developed at this time.

There are some services that are provided based on the care a person is looking for. When a person is visiting the dentist they can get professional teeth whitening in Roanoke. The dentist has professional grade whitening products that will be able to remove stains and buildup on the teeth.

The Cosmetic Dentist in Roanoke can provide a number of services to make the appearance of the teeth and the smile look better. They can make custom night guards to help straighten the teeth while a person sleeps. There are also custom made athletic guards to help a person protect their teeth while they are playing sports.

If a person has chipped teeth or if there is a tooth missing dental restorations can be performed. The chipped or broken tooth can be capped or replaced. This will remove open spots from the mouth. Dental extractions can be performed if the teeth are too crowded in the mouth. A tooth that is rotten or decaying can also be extracted. Root canal therapy is available if a person is in need of this service.

Veneers, crowns, and bridges can be placed on the teeth. This will allow the teeth to be even and will improve the appearance of the smile. Dental implants can also be performed. If a person is missing a tooth they can have a new one custom design and implanted to meet the needs of their mouth. If there are several teeth missing a person can have a custom set of dentures made so they have straight and even teeth.

Many people want the perfect smile but few are born with it. A cosmetic dentist can help a person get the smile that they have always wanted. They will know that they have the self confidence and can greet people with a beautiful smile.

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