We look forward to seeing you at our orthodontic clinic to help you evaluate the appropriate time to wear braces. Many of the patients do not know when is the right time to visit an orthodontic. The dentist trains for more than two years in an orthodontics school in addition to the four-year course undertaken in dentistry in a university. The purpose of the dentist is to treat, prevent and diagnose the oral problems. When the parents notice some jaws or teeth misalignment with their children, they should know it is the right time to visit an orthodontic.

On your first visit before involving Braces in Lee's Summit, we examine and discuss with the patient about the history of their dental problem. The sitting with our patients helps to determine the right treatment method. The patient can also let us know their goal for treatment so that we take the right amount of time through the process. Braces in Lee's Summit can work well with many people, but we let the patient learn more about the treatment in our clinic. We notice that every patient requires personal attention since each one of them have different orthodontic treatment.

After a thorough evaluation of the orthodontic treatment fit for you, we prepare a written prescription and treatment method suitable for your dental anatomy. It is possible to predetermine through our modernized equipment the nature in which your smile will appear right after the treatment. The face to face discussion with the patient provides ample time to take in any question and estimate the appropriate fee. When using Braces in Harrisonville, it is wise to avoid some of the food that will not go well with the wires. Hard food materials such as nuts and whole apple can interfere with the set aligners. Some of these food materials need chopping into small pieces before you eat.

Braces in Harrisonville get attached to the teeth using adhesive. At the first time, one can feel some discomfort but as time passes your mouth get used to it. Before leaving our clinic, you should make sure you get yourself some dental wax, cleaning aid and other related materials to use during the treatment before your next appointment. For some people, we use treatments like the Invisalign. The tools are a kind of invisible aligners attached to the surface of the teeth to move them in the designated direction. Many people prefer the method since it is more comfortable when no one notices when under treatment. It is possible to remove the tools when eating or brushing. After every one week, one should change the set of aligners from one to the next according to how the smile develops.

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