Writing Ideas When You’re Stuck for Writing Ideas


In the past I’ve gone through many droughts for writing ideas. I’m sure you know the feeling, you’ve been writing about whatever you primary site topic is nonstop for days trying to provide unique content and you start to feel like you’ve already said everything there is to be said. Now, sometimes it’s because your niche is too focused. I mean how many pages can one really write about gold plated pens as gifts for retirement out on your goldplatedpensasgiftsforretirement.com page….

But here is a tip of a way to spark some new ideas.


Okay, so what do I do when I’m short of ideas?


Hang out in a niche related forum. Look at the posts, look at the questions asked and the answers. Odds are there are more than one kind of answers – there’s probably disagreement. So, you could use what you find several ways. You could make a list post of top x ways to solve y problem. Or you could break down the pros and cons of x solution for y problem.


Forums can be a good way to find inspiration too. Many times I find myself going to a forum when the fires are burning low and I’m feeling a need to be reminded of why I am doing the things that I do.


Forums aren’t the only place for this kind of brainstorming work though, you may also browse yahoo answers as well as wikihow and other similar sites where people ask questions. Now, I’m not suggesting that you steal peoples answers, you need to rewrite the ideas and suggestions in your own words. You also can bring your own take on the answer just as you would in a forum discussion.

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