Ever wanted to be a super cop or a superhero like the ones we have in Marvel movies? If yes, then we have something really exciting for you. Being a normal human, you can only see this dream come true in your imaginations, but with the help of an AR app, you can actually experience the feeling of being a superhero. Here, we are talking about the Polygoons app which is FPS (The First-Person Shooter) Augmented Reality application developed to give you thunderbolts of adventure. The app lets you transform into a robotic avatar to start a battle against the evil Polygoons. Here, Polygoons are a group of evil animated monsters who are on a mission to destroy humanity. Your role is to save the world from these Polygoons and for this, you will need to kill them. To help you out, the app comes with a variety of weapons and power-ups which you can use to kill the Polygoons. In a bid to level up in the game, you will have to kill at least 60% of your enemies. Sounds exciting? Keep reading this post.


Make Your Home a Battlefield with Polygoons


Now, fighting against the monsters and powering up with health kits is no new in the gaming world. There are a plenty of games that are based on such themes, so what’s so unique in this app? If this is on your mind, let us emphasize on the core feature of this game which is the real-time location scanning. Polygoon has been developed on the Augmented Reality technology which is also known as the technology of the future world. This is the same technology which the world famous Pokemon Go app used. It is due to this technology, you can play this game with a real-world background. This means, before the start of the game you can create your own battlefield which can be anything - a room, a road, a ceiling, or your center table. Just open the app, point your camera to a specific location, and get started with the Polygoons. Take a robotic avatar, power up your weapon, and start shooting the evil Polygoons. Transform your room into a battlefield and save the world from the monsters. You are a superhero and the only savior of this digital world. This is what you might have dreamt of while watching the Marvel movies and with the help of Polygoons, you are going to make this dream come true. So, go ahead.


Getting into the specifications

The Polygoons app comes with more than 24 unique characters which you will be fighting against during the game. Apart from this, the game has a panoply of weapons you can use to kill the Polygoons. Here are some more specifications of the Ar Game that makes it more adventurous and exciting:

     Exhilarating Augmented Reality led gameplay

     24 + unique Polygoon characters

     The inclusion of addictive gameplay

     A special feature of unlocking super weapons

     Global leaderboard

     A bunch of surprises you will enjoy during the game


Limitations: Currently, the app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. However, Android users can download the app from the Play Store and enjoy the superpowers and super weapons.


So, what are you waiting for? Download the app NOW!! Take the avatar of the most amazing Robot and fight a battle against the evil Polygoons. The entire humanity is looking for you.

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