Orthodontic care can do so much for individuals who aren't happy with their teeth. It can do a lot for people who have all kinds of teeth alignment problems, to be specific. If you're in need of assistance with orthodontics in Lafayette, Indiana, you have a terrific option right in front of you. That option is to reach out to Guthrie P. Carr, D.D.S. Dr. Carr is a seasoned orthodontist who provides West Lafayette patients with world-class orthodontic services of all kinds. If you need a qualified orthodontist in Lafayette, all you have to do is give his office a quick phone call. It's that simple.

Dr. Carr has been working in the orthodontic field since the early nineties. He, as a result, is an orthodontist who has significant experience. He's a graduate of Indiana University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a Doctorate of Dental Surgery. He also graduated from St. Louis University. That's where he earned his Master of Science degree. He's part of well-known organizations such as the West Central Dental Society, the Indiana Dental Association, the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontics. If you need help with high-quality orthodontics in Lafayette, Dr. Carr is certainly the perfect teeth alignment professional for you.

The staff at Dr. Carr's clinic is more than worthy of mention. They're hard-working dental care experts who know a lot about everything from fluoride placement to tooth polishing. If you're looking for an Orthodontist in Lafayette who also happens to have an amazing staff, you need to reach out to Dr. Carr's practice right away.

This office specializes in all types of high-quality orthodontic treatments. It doesn't matter if you have a conspicuous overbite. If doesn't matter if your teeth are excessively crowded, either. Dr. Carr can provide you with orthodontic treatment that can manage your problem. He can assist you with teeth spacing issues, front teeth that push out, absent lateral incisors and more. If you're interested in braces treatment in Lafayette, you need to get in contact with Dr. Carr and the rest of his team as soon as possible. They offer self-ligating braces, standard metal braces, transparent aligners, transparent braces that are made out of ceramic and even lingual braces.

If you want to feel good about your teeth, Dr. Carr and his skilled and friendly staff members can get you on the right track. Life with an overbite isn't a big deal. Dr. Carr can turn it around for you. Life with an underbite isn't a big deal, either. Quality orthodontic treatment in Lafayette is now easier than ever to secure. Phone Dr. Carr's office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

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