While you can certainly plan your Okanagan wine tours, you might also want to take advantage of guided tours. These guided wine tours in Okanagan are planned by either tour companies or the vineyard or winery hosting the event. There are many benefits of spending a bit more money on a guided tour. Here are some of those benefits:

1.You can be guided in your wine tasting event.

A wine tasting is a good chance for visitors to learn more about different varieties of wines and also be more engaged when it comes to wine making and grape growing. A guide will help you understand more what you are experiencing so you can truly gain more knowledge at the end of the tour. You can get more information such as what makes these wines different from others and maybe also get ideas on food and wine pairing.

2.You won’t miss out on some great activities to try.

If you are organizing the Okanagan wine tours yourself, you might not know all that the winery has to offer. Wineries like Dirty Laundry might actually offer additional activities to try such as Al Fresco dining. You might not be able to do that if you won’t make reservations beforehand. But through a guided tour, you will be able to squeeze this in your itinerary.

3.You can avoid wasting your time and be able to maximize your tour.

It’s not uncommon for people touring a winery to linger so much in doing a certain activity and end up wasting their time there. With a guide, you can schedule your activities so that you can maximize your time and avoid wasting it doing unnecessary activities. This way, you can experience as many things as possible at the wineries you are visiting.

4.It helps you reach out to the wine-making community and establish a good relationship with the wine makers.

There are so many things to discover about the wine industry as well as the people behind it. Reaching out to the people at the winery, knowing their story and listening to their insight about wines is a way of building a good relationship with the local wine community.

5.You can get a more personalized tour.

Guided wine tours in Okanagan are created by people who will go out of their way to ensure that you get the best experience. That means personalizing your tour to fit you or your group’s needs. Whether you are celebrating an occasion, or you are here as a wine enthusiast, you will be able to find wine tours organized by wineries like Dirty Laundry fun and exciting.

If you haven’t tried guided wine tours yet, now is a good time to discover more about it so you won’t miss out.

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