In this article we shall talk about some of the major aspects which an e-commerce website needs to take care of or pay attention to for providing optimal customer experience. 

The domain:

a top-level domain is a must for an e-commerce website. It is a very basic requirement and the connection has to be highly secured. Use the exclusive country domain if your e-commerce enterprise is running exclusively in a specific country.
The logo of the enterprise:

Logo or the brand logo is a key aspect of identity for any business and it has been so since time immemorial. It is about the question of a unique identity of the enterprise or the company. It is about recognition on part of the customer and it is about something which has the most definite role to play in the process of branding. Placing the logo on the website has to be strategic. It has to be placed on a key position and on the header. 

The navigation of the website should be user-friendly:

it is important to understand the dynamics of search engines and websites these days. There are millions of websites and e-commerce businesses online dealing with the same kind of product or service. Competition is clearly cutthroat and without mercy. This has made the process of retention of visitors on a website very important. Customer retention is equivalent to customer footfall in a retail shop. And these days, people get bored and lose interest quite easily as there is no dearth of places to browse on the internet. In order to retain the customer, you need to ensure that navigation through the pages of website is smooth and easy. Make sure that you put a clear navigation bar. It enriches the UX of your website. 


Wishlist has become a key aspect of any online e-commerce website. Customers like to go through your online shop when you have interesting stuff to offer and often times, they like a product here and here; however, they may not need to product immediately so that want to save the product somewhere for future reference someplace so that in the future when it is convenient to buy, the customer need not go through the process of finding the needle in the haystack. He/she can simply refer to the Wishlist where the product ha been kept. This adds to the convenience of the consumer. 

Payment gateway:

A payment gateway is an important concept which enables a business or e-commerce website to accept payments made through credit card and debit card and this adds to customer convenience. If you are looking for a high-risk merchant account, consider We Tranxact. 

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