Event management software (EMS) leader Aventri today announces the launch of the Aventri Virtual Event Platform. This first-to-market solution was created in close collaboration with Aventri’s customers to solve for delivery of virtual events in the current challenging environment, but also to address the coming need to deliver hybrid events using a best-in-class, single platform solution..

More than 80 percent of planners believe virtual components will be added to all future in-person events, according to research conducted by Aventri in April 2020. The Aventri Virtual Event Platform is fully integrated with the end-to-end Avenrtri platform, enabling event and meeting organizers to easily add a virtual component to any event. In addition, the solution provides a seamless flow of data, delivers a consistent user experience and eliminates the need for multiple vendors or solutions.

“When COVID-19 hit, we knew that as an industry leader we needed to provide support to our clients and come up with a solution to allow them to continue to host events through Aventri,” said Shane Edmonds, CTO at Aventri. “The Aventri Virtual Event Platform gives clients the ability to continue to host their meetings and events in a platform they are already familiar with, that houses their event data and meets their company’s security standards.”

The Aventri product and development teams consulted with nearly 150 Aventri clients to ensure the Virtual Platform addresses use cases based on different event sizes, yearly event volume and widely varied event formats. As a result, the new solution meets the needs of what clients are looking for today and the future by providing an integrated solution with a superior viewing platform and best-in-class tracking and reporting capabilities martech news.

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