We have entered 2021, a new decade of the 21st century, and one thing that I have learned and even you might also be known is that marketing is constantly changing and becoming more and more competitive.

Marketing always has new trends, and businesses that leverage those trends, stand out with their marketing campaigns are the ones that not only gain a huge number of customers and enhance their ROI but are also remembered in the world of marketing.

For a moment consider Facebook ads. Around half a decade back, brands globally spent a combined $3.2 billion on Facebook advertising, which was just a fifth of the amount spent on Google ads. In 2019, that figure had increased to over $16 billion, with 92% of social marketers now using Facebook for advertising.

The same goes with B2B marketing space as well. Every year we see exciting and very creative B2B marketing campaigns that set a benchmark for other B2B marketers. So, as we gear up to recover from the damages of 2020, it is important to be creative and motivated. To inspire you at the start of this decade, we have listed some of the best B2B marketing campaign examples from varied forms of B2B marketing B2B Content Marketing examples, B2B Email Marketing examples, and B2B Influencer Marketing examples are some of the forms of B2B marketing that are in huge demand amongst the marketers.

Best B2B Marketing Campaigns

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