• New easy-to-use, intuitive user interface – MoEngage fully revamped its UI to offer a better experience to marketers and product managers to segment, engage, and personalize journeys. “As our product capabilities continue to expand, we want to ensure our end user experience is simplified for our customers’ use cases,” said Ajay Kothapalli, Head of Product Design at MoEngage. “Our new design is minimal, yet contextual, and consistent across the platform.”
  • Smarter orchestration for insights-led customer journeys, powered by AI. MoEngage has made it easier for customers to analyze and optimize their customer journeys by adding new Intelligent Path Optimizer and A/B testing capabilities within Flows. Customers can now test up to twenty unique user journeys within a single Flow, while letting our AI engine SHERPA automatically decide the best performing journey for audiences so customers can easily optimize their campaign and journey performance.
  • Enhanced multi-channel personalization and engagement across the customer lifecycle. The 21st century consumer expects a seamless, personalized, and connected experience across channels. To help marketers create multi-channel journeys across touchpoints, MoEngage has released two new engagement channels within Flows – Onsite Messaging and Mobile in-app. Additionally, MoEngage has incorporated ‘Facebook Audience’ in which marketers can sync their users’ Facebook activity in real-time to MoEngage and seamlessly craft personalized engagement strategies.

Customer Engagement Platform

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