Welcome to the Martech Cube's Let's Talk Podcast with the Martech space evolving at a phenomenal level, it gets extremely rattling to keep track of each and every update on both the Martech stack as well as marketing knowledge Treasury. In such excruciating times that rise from the Martech mediums comes in handy. Martech Cube's Let's Talk series is just that night in the shining armor and focuses on a range of topics from the Martech arena. We bring in the industry mavens to venture out your queries in the same space.

Get inside tricks, trends, and practical know-how from the top minds in the marketing technology space, tune in now.

In today's podcast, we are going to cover various aspects of CDP, along with discussing the underutilization of the customer data platform. But that being said, we are also going to discuss how marketing teams can gear up in order to personalize the customer interactions across the entire customer journey map.

One of the biggest problems was simply getting access to that data and then pulled it together and unifying it so that you could recognize it. People started buying so much technology and using somewhat less of it that they just kept hiding on with the Martech tools and the Martech stack.

Customer Data Platform

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