If you are ABA therapy provider it can be difficult and challenging working with health plan funders. There are many barriers to services that can create hurdles. It is possible that complex issues arise which leading to obstacles if you do not have the support you need.

Measure Practice Management Solution offers comprehensive services through various models to support you in your journey. They offer full services by their team.

Measure offers Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) which is the process to set up for success in being reimbursed for services performed through various funding sources. It is the full cycle from credentialing and contracting with funding sources, to patient intake, to reimbursement of claims and recording in accounting software. For healthcare insurance funders, it includes the proper steps to complete prior to generating claims to ensure the highest level of compliance for reimbursement. The revenue cycle consists of payer policies and guidelines, claims submission, denials and appeals and the tracking of each aspect of the cycle.

Measure takes in the stride the financial aspect of the revenue cycle which can determine your risks and strengths in remaining solvent in your practice as well as your success in passing audits. Maintaining ethical billing standards and compliance are key to contributing to the best practices of client/patient care, combating fraud, waste and abuse.

RCM service provides an established strategy of submission, management, and pursuit, proven and designed to consistently cut denied claims and increase your percentages.

“MEASUREPM™ is a dream come true for ABA providers! As business owners, we really like how this platform functions. It is quick, easy to manoeuvre and aesthetically pleasing. We really have enjoyed the financial, utilization and scheduling reports that we have access to. These reports have allowed us to analyse departments including our staff’s productivity and overall activity” says Jody Stiegemeyer & Danielle Sheehy.

About Measure Practice Management:

Measure PM provides ABA management Platform and Measure Practice Management System the ultimate, comprehensive, user-friendly tool, where crucial business decisions have the input of artificial intelligence and are backed by data behind it. With Measure PM the team has created a workplace environment where customers and employees are happy to participate in the growth of our organization, and yours. For more information please visit our website: https://www.measurepm.com/

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