and large companies are aware that cybersecurity is important; however
they must take the next step to ensure that their organization's
cybersecurity practices are sufficient to comply with GDPR and other
regulation and to protect their business against sophisticated

an objective of fortifying the general security stance of the Defense
Industrial Base, the U.S. Guard Department in January 2020 delivered the
debut adaptation of its Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification
(CMMC), which characterizes the five degrees of digital development that
will be consolidated into a limited number of contracts for Defense
Department procurements in Fall 2020.

Cybersecurity maturity model compliance
can seem challenging yet it will make your company ready with four best
practices that an organization within the Defense Industrial Base can
use to prepare for and ultimately achieve their level of CMMC maturity.

the CMMC level that is right for your organization - If your company
does business with the Department of Defense (DoD), you need to comply
with some level of CMMC maturity. Every one of the five levels will
require an alternate degree of venture, strategy advancement, and
security controls – so it is important that you choose which level
accommodates your business.

is essential that you consider your business strategy as you make your
CMMC compliance decisions. If you have future plans to move into the CUI
environment, a CMMC investment in a Level 3 or higher may offer you a
competitive benefit that will open the door to future Department of
Defense opportunities.

protection Maturity Model Certification - CMMC was made in light of
developing worries by Congress and inside DoD over the expanded presence
of digital dangers and interruptions focused on the Defense Industrial
Base (DIB) and its supply chains.

CMMC is a capability based maturity model. It will characterize a layered way to deal with online protection development.


Decide a rundown of what consistence or administrative structures which may apply to your business.

Assess the business’ ability to address compliance requirements and determine how much it costs to meet those controls.

Make a roadmap to meet compliance requirements in a way which is sustainable to your business.

About Ariento:

is an IT specialist co-op work to offer data innovation (IT), network
safety, and consistence administrations to little and medium-sized
associations. The Company contained a veteran group with broad
involvement with the most significant levels at the US military and
government, Ariento. The group is has some expertise in providing food
top tier innovation arrangements that are secure and administrative

Ariento team to implement NIST 800 171 framework for your industry.
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CMMC Assessment

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