Why Does Your Cat Need a Cat Scratcher?

As you should know, your cat loves to scratch and scratch from time to time. This is not a simple pleasure for your pet. It is a mandatory need that you need to take into consideration and make sure that you provide a proper cat scratcher that will help your cat take care of its need. If you do not do that, then your house will suffer. More precisely, the furniture around your house will get a new personalized design made by your pet. A similar situation applies to other needs of your pet. So, you will also need to look for crystal cat litter.

You may wonder why do cats need to scratch around so much? Well, the answer is simple and easy to understand. The claws of most cats will continue to grow all their life, similar to the nails of humans. But if the size of the claws is too big, then it will harm the paws of your pet. So, cats developed the instinct to scratch around to make sure that the claws are kept small enough to not harm themselves. And even if you try to trim the claws of your pet, it will not stop it from scratching. So, the best alternative is to look for a high-quality scratcher that can take care of the job. The quality of the crystal cat litter is also very important.

What Is the Best Type of Cat Scratcher for Your Pet?

A little search on the internet will reveal that there are many cases in which the cat will not use the cat scratcher bought by the pet owner. So, if you do not want to find yourself in a similar situation, then you need to know some things about the type of scratcher that your cat needs. Keep in mind that there are several requirements that a scratcher needs to meet for your pet to always use it. If it is not able to do that, then the most likely result will be that your cat will ignore the scratcher. And it will take care of its needs on your furniture. The same can also happen if you do not use crystal cat litter. There are 3 essential factors that you need to pay attention to while choosing the scratcher for your cat.

• It must have a proper height. The height of the scratcher is the first mandatory factor that you need to consider. As you may have noticed, your cat will also stretch its body while it scratches. So, a tool that will allow it to do both actions at the same time will be much attractive than one that doesn’t. Also, if the size of the scratcher is too big enough, then the most likely result will be that your cat completely ignores it or only use it rarely. So, you need to make sure that to check the size of the scratcher properly before you buy it.
• It must be very stable. The second essential factor that will influence the utility of the scratcher is its stability. The tool must be able to support the weight of your ca without moving. Its stability must be big enough for that. Otherwise, your cat will try to use the cat scratcher. But it will get surprised by its instability. Also, the instincts of your cat will influence it. And ensure that it never uses that scratcher again. Keep in mind that only stable objects will be used as a scratcher when you go shopping.
• The quality of the material is also essential. The last type of requirement that you will need to check is the quality of the material of the cat scratcher. There are several factors that you need to pay attention to. The first one is to make sure that your cat will not get stuck while scratching the tool. Otherwise, it may not want to use it again. Also, you need to make sure that the scratcher does not make a mess in your house from its material being ripped by the pet.

Why Is Crystal Cat Litter the Most Popular Choice for Cat Owners?

As for the other needs of your pet that you need to take care of, the best alternative is to use crystal cat litter. You may wonder why should you always use this alternative? Well, there are several reasons for which you should do that. The main goals are to make sure that your house is not harmed by the needs of your cats. And this type of litter produces the best results.

• It absorbs the most quantity of liquid. The first quality of the crystal litters is its ability to absorb a lot more liquid than other alternatives. This means that you can use it for longer periods. So, while you consider the prices, you need to keep this difference in mind. Even if the price of crystal litters is higher, but in the long term, your total costs will be lower. And the effort that you need to spend will also be reduced by the higher efficiency of the litters.
• The bad smell will not spread around the house. The next reason for which you should only use crystal cat litter is its ability to absorb smells. This means that you can safely keep your cat in the house without having to suffer from the bad smell it creates while taking care of its needs. Other types of litter can at most cover the smell, and you will still feel it from time to time.
• Your cat will not spread it around the house. And the last advantage of the crystal litters is the fact that they will never stick on the paws of your cat. Other, lower quality alternatives do not have this property. So, the cat will spread the litter around the house. It is easy to imagine what the results are if this happens. So, even if you do not use crystal litters, you need to make sure that the alternative that you choose has this property.

Cat Scratcher Crystal Cat Litter

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