No one can argue that flowers are a necessity to every event. They look gorgeous, smell good, and they are highly colorful and can be combined in many ways, especially with greenery, and decorations. However, fresh blooms are expensive, especially when a larger quantity is needed. Many people wonder at a certain point what they can use instead of fresh flowers. They want to try something new, to save money, but in the same time enjoy their beauty. Sola wood blossoms are highly recommended.

What Is Sola Wood

People are somehow reticent to alternatives to fresh flowers, because they didn’t have a chance to see all options or they are mostly familiar with paper, plastic, silk, or latex blossoms, which are not very realistic. However, products have seen a long way since these examples, and there are innovations that look stunning, can be personalized, and even scented. Sola wood flowers are such examples. They are made from wood, but not the material from which furniture is designed, but plants, such as tapioca plant root. It has many names and is also known as cassava or yuca.

They grow easily and fast, meaning they are a renewable energy, and crafters spend time to carve petals from the root, taking out sheets and then shape them in the desired form. Afterwards, they are put together until a blossom is revealed. A lot of time and effort are invested, and the best part is that all flowers are handcrafted. They are unique and you will not find two that look the same. In terms of variety, you will find so many beautiful types, including the popular ones that resemble fresh flowers and some interesting styles that are thought by crafters.

Why Use Wooden Blooms

Unfortunately, many people suffer from allergies and they are unable to stand near flowers at weddings, ceremonies, parties of all kind. Even when they receive bouquets, they can’t enjoy their beauty or smell them. Pollen allergies are very common, and they ruin people’s days. You don’t have to worry about allergies with wood blooms, because they don’t have any other material or element rather than tapioca plant. In fact, people can decide if they want to scent them or not, depending on the occasion and the purpose of the event. You can view some magnificent examples of blossoms if you  click here , as the website is very well stocked.

Everyone dreams about a summer event; they want to enjoy the sun and the warm weather. However, fresh flowers don’t hold on very long if they are exposed to natural sunlight. They will soon start to lose their vigor and change their shape. Soon enough, flowers begin to wilt, and you will not be able to use them for pictures. This is indeed a great disadvantage, but the good news is that sola flowers are different, and they are not impacted in any way by hot temperatures or humidity. The blooms will look great throughout the day and for many years. Feel free to use the arrangements later as decorations or offer them as gifts.

With sola wood flowers there are no restrictions related to season. If you want specific fresh flowers that are usually out of season, you need to pay extra to have them imported or settle with some other types that might not please you. The great advantage of alternative blooms is that you can have anything you want, even roses, peonies, lilies, tulips. To make them look even more realistic, simply dye them in the desired shade, and the bouquet is ready. Besides blossoms, consider fillers, as these complement the look very well. You can use fresh fillers or artificial ones, bought from the same shop along with sola models.

The Sola Wood Has Many Great Features

As seen, sola wood flowers have many qualities and it is no wonder why so many people appreciate and choose them for arrangements, decorations, bouquets, and more. The material does not wither, which means you can keep the blooms as a keepsake, for the entire life. Maintaining arrangements is recommended to enjoy their beauty longer. This means dusting them off from time to time and keeping them in a cool area. If you dye the flowers, it is best to keep them away from direct sunlight, as colors will fade sooner.

Sola wood  is capable to absorb aroma, and if you like scented blossoms, feel free to add some essential oils on the back of the petals. The scent will remain for a long time, depending on the scent’s quality. This is a great way to add a lovely smell to your home or office, and when you feel the smell goes away, simply add some more scent. These flowers have double purposes in this case, to decorate your property and make it smell better at the same time.

Where to Find Wooden Flowers

Since they are so popular and requested, sola wood flowers are available online. Many online shops offer access to a variety of products, and at attractive prices. Especially if you decide to buy in bulk, you can take advantage of some amazing discounts, and have enough blossoms for all your projects. No matter if you want to decorate a venue, a property, if you want to test your creativity, start your own business, finding a supplier is necessary.

Have you thought about starting a business with sola wood blooms? You can buy them in bulk and then arrange them in different ways, showcase your work and talent online, and attract interested buyers. You can put your imagination in action and decorate flowers in various ways, dye and scent them, add fillers, and more.

You never know where talent rests and the satisfaction you get from designing flower arrangements. Even if blossoms are sold without stems, you can add the ones that fit the final designs. Some arrangements require longer or shorter stems, from wire, twigs, wrapped in different fabrics. You can easily find inspiration online, as many designers and crafters share their work. 

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