What Are the Uses of Military Surveillance Cameras?

Information is one of the cornerstones needed in the military. And one of the best ways to acquire information is through the use of cameras. There are many different types of military surveillance cameras. Each one of them has different uses, but all of them can be grouped into 2 categories. The first one is for those used in security and defense. While the second category is for those used in missions and attacks. Both are essential, but they need different characteristics to fulfill their purpose. For example, cooled thermal cameras are essential for situations when the normal visibility is too low. 

Cameras for security purposes. 

From surveilling the base to securing a new perimeter, cameras that can gather all the required information are needed. Every attack must be detected long before it arrives. Doing this will ensure that the troops have enough time to gather and prepare to defend the base. Information about the incoming attack can also help the leaders prepare a suitable strategy to intercept the attack and win with the lowest amount of damage received. 

Securing a new perimeter is also important, and it needs to be defended. So, cameras can also play a very important role in these situations. They can also be used for interior surveillance purposes. Doing this will prevent any type of infiltration, or at least prevent or reduce the damage received as much as possible. Meetings and gatherings can also be recorded and studied later on to learn or prevent the same mistakes from happening again. 

Cameras for mission purposes. 

Cameras do not only have a role in defense. They can also be used to gather information in preparation for an attack. Long-range cameras can be used to gather almost every type of information about an enemy base. This will help in building a perfect strategy against the enemies. By finding the weak points in the defense, any enemy can be defeated in the fastest time with the lowest amount of causalities. 

Field missions can also make use of cameras. In situations where the visibility is reduced, thermal cameras can be used to monitor the way ahead 24 hours/day. This will ensure that no surprise attack succeeds, and a counter-attack can be made at any time. Sometimes, local fauna can also be a danger that needs to be avoided. And the best way to detect and avoid all the dangers that it presents is also through the use of  military surveillance cameras .

Why Are Cooled Thermal Cameras One of the Best Alternatives?

Cooled thermal cameras are just one of the types of thermal cameras that you will be able to find on the market. You can also find uncooled and advanced uncooled cameras. These models are specialized in long distances and having a much higher precision while filming in challenging weather conditions. They can have many uses, but 3 of them are essential for the military. 

• Long-range detection. As mentioned above, detection from a long distance can be very beneficial for defending a base or spying on the enemy. If your base uses these cameras, they will be able to detect every enemy attack even in the most challenging weather conditions. Even if the visibility is close to 0, the enemy can still be easily detected and counterattacked.

• Clear images. The images are also clear, and this will allow your strategist to approximate the number of enemies much faster and with better accuracy. The more information you can gather about the enemies, the more prepared you will be, and the higher the chances of repelling or winning against the enemies are. So, the details captured by the camera are essential in any military application.

• High accuracy. The position of the enemy is another essential factor that needs to be known. If the error in the enemy’s position is too big, then the prepared strategy may fail due to this unforeseen factor. So, the accuracy of the cameras is essential in establishing the position. You can also make use of this information to foresee your enemies' next moves and prepare accordingly.

3 of the Most Popular Cooled Thermal Cameras!

One of the essential goals of the military is to keep as many soldiers alive. For this reason, all the tools used by the military must be the best. For  cooled thermal cameras , there are 3 such models. Each one of them is different and has different purposes. But all of them use state of the art technologies and will ensure that the best results will be easier to achieve. 

• Aeron searcher. This model is best used for mid-range purposes. So, its best use would be in the surveillance of the base’s interior. Every infiltration can be easily detected and stopped before it starts to cause damage. Unlike the other two models, it also includes a wiper that can be used to maintain the lens cleans in unfavorable weather conditions. It can also provide infrared or white light illumination for a distance as long as 500m.

• Osiris searcher. Unlike the previous model, it can be used for long-distance surveillance. But its thermal zoom capabilities are at the same level. So, it can only detect the enemies from a large distance in challenging weather conditions, but it is not able to capture all the details through the zoom. But its white light zoom abilities are much better, and it can zoom three times better than its thermal capabilities. It also has a full lifespan of 20.000 hours before it needs maintenance.

• Jaegar searcher. It is the perfect model for long-distance surveillance for both defense and offense purposes. Its zoom abilities are at the same level with other military surveillance cameras like the Osiris searcher. What makes it unique is the ability to be paired with radar and well as a larger range of technologies through its multi-sensor platform PTZ. 

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