What Are the Main Requirements of Oil and Gas Surveillance?

Oil and gas surveillance have 2 types of requirements. The first categories include those for internal monitoring, while the second one represents the requirements for external surveillance. Both types are essential to ensure the success of the ongoing functionality of the company. For this reason, only the best cameras on the market should be used for both purposes. One of the best alternatives is the use of a thermal imaging surveillance camera. 

Internal monitoring. 

The first requirement of this category is the ability to gather the necessary information for preventing any possible accidents that may happen. Thermal detection is a very good alternative that will ensure that any heat source is detected as fast as possible. This will ensure that no accident happens, and your company can continue to function safely. 

Another preventive measure is to make sure that the cameras are visible by your employees. Doing this will ensure that they will do their jobs properly. And they will not do anything that may endanger the functionality of the company. You should also make sure that they know the reasons and the importance of the cameras. You do not want to make them feel like they are in prison. 

Another requirement for the cameras is to be able to provide all the information needed in case an accident still happens. This will ensure that no one is punished without any proof. It will also be very helpful for giving the police all the relevant data they may need to close the case as fast as possible and let your company resume its functionality. 

External surveillance. 

You will also need cameras that can be used for outside purposes. You do not want to encounter difficult situations due to the lack of proper surveillance of any approaching objects, like ships or drones. Especially drones, they can be very dangerous, and you need to make sure that you have all the tools needed to detect, track, identify, and mitigate them. 

The first requirement for the camera is to be able to detect any objects for the longest distance possible. It must also be able to do this in unfavorable weather conditions. So, for situations where the normal visibility is lacking, you should use thermal cameras. Make sure that the cameras are equipped with a counter UAV to ensure greater safety for your company.

The Advantages of a Thermal Imaging Surveillance Camera for the Oil and Gas Industry!

There are 3 advantages that a thermal imaging surveillance camera can bring to any company in the oil and gas industry. Each one of them is essential for the proper functionality of the  oil and gas surveillance  systems. 

• Heat detection. The biggest advantage that these cameras will bring to your company is the ability to detect heat. As mentioned above, any source of heat can cause a big accident for your company. So, all of them should be properly monitored. You need to do this to ensure that no flame gets too close to the areas that represent a danger of inflammation. Or in case such a situation appeared, that it can be solved as fast as possible before a big accident happens.

• Thermal surveillance. In most cases, most oil and gas platforms or refineries will encounter situations in which the visibility is very low. Be it fog or smoke, or even night time, all these situations can represent a danger for your company. You do not want any unauthorized drones to come close to your business’ location.

• Long-range detection. The longer the distance from which you can detect any object that can come close, the better. For this reason, a cooled thermal camera is mandatory, because it has the longest detection distance from all other alternatives. It also has other advantages that make it the perfect choice for the external surveillance of your company.

3 Models of Thermal Imaging Surveillance Camera That Can Be Used in the Oil and Gas Industry!

Now that you know that your best alternatives are  thermal imaging surveillance camera . It is time to know which models are the best for the two purposes mentioned at be beginning of the article. 3 models can ensure the proper functionality of your business. These models are the best that you will be able to find on the market. And they will also produce the best results. 

• Aeron ranger. This model of camera is the best alternative for the internal monitoring of your company. It is quite compact and discreet. So, it will not cause any problems for your workers. It can still be seen by them, but their work will not be affected because of it. It uses an uncooled thermal lens, and its best uses are for internal monitoring because it has a high performance for mid-range monitoring. Also, its performance in fog or smoke is not as powerful as other alternatives.

• Jaegar searcher. It has the longest-range for thermal surveillance. It is the perfect model that you will need for external surveillance. You can also pair it with radar. Doing this will ensure that nothing will escape your surveillance methods, and no ship or drone will be able to come close to your company undetected. It also has a multi-sensor PTZ platform, which makes it compatible with a multitude of technologies. So, it can fulfill all your business needs.

• Aeron ranger LR. This model comes as a cheaper replacement for the Jaegar searcher. It uses advanced uncooled technology, which comes close to the capabilities of the cooled thermal technology. But it has a much smaller range, and although the distance can be reasonable, its field of view becomes very narrow. Before you decide to make your purchase, it is in your best interest to contact and speak with the provider. Doing this will allow you to get the best recommendations and find the models that will fulfill all your oil and gas surveillance needs.

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