By now, almost everyone has at least heard a passing mention of stem cells. They have been greatly discussed in relation with injuries and diseases. But, what exactly are stem cells? 

Stem cells are the first cells created in a body, the cells from which all other kinds of cells are derived. In normal circumstances, stem cells divide to form daughter cells. Daughter cells then become stem cells themselves or become highly specialized cells that have many different functions. For example, white blood cells, muscle cells, etc. 

Stem cells are the only ones that can create other kinds of cells. This is what makes them so special and important in recent medical research. Here is where stem cells regeneration comes into play.

Medical uses for stem cells 

Some animals, like lizards and starfishes, are known for being able to regrow entire limbs in case of an injury. Clearly, humans can’t do the same, but this ability is what inspired the research into stem cells and their possible medical applications.  

There is evidence that suggests that some organs of the human body have stores of stem cells that create new specified cells to replace those that have been damaged within the organs. Simply put, stem cells are able to regrow limited parts of organ tissue.

Regenerative medicine is dedicated to studying how stem cells can be used and to the creation for treatments against disease. The research is mainly based on the cell’s capacity of creating almost every type of cell needed by the body. Thanks to this discipline, it has been established that cell therapies can be used to cure diseases that can’t be treated by conventional medicine. 

The Fountain of Youth 

Aging is nothing other than the aging of the cells in our tissues, which start to weaken and fail and, eventually, die. It is no wonder that once the research into stem cells gained traction, one of the raising questions was whether it could be used in anti-age treatments. 

There are infinite treatments to delay aging, including creams and plastic surgery. However, that only goes skin deep at best. Plastic surgery can’t revitalize organs, tissue, and make you feel younger and more vital, it can only get rid of visible signs of aging. 

For real anti-aging treatments to be effective, they should affect not only the outside, but the inside as well and rejuvenate organs as well as the skin. 

There are some clinics that offer stem cell anti-aging treatments, and they are becoming more and more common. When considering a treatment of this nature, patients should always reach out to professionals, like plastic surgeons, with medical experience and a lab to back up their claims.  

Stem cells treatment are still young and a lot of research is still taking place. Although there have been many advances in terms of treatment options for other diseases and injuries, the beauty industry is still to see its big breakthrough. 

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