Real flowers are breathtaking, they look gorgeous, they smell lovely, but they have a major disadvantage, they don’t last long. Preserving them involves a lot of effort and time, not to mention that results are not guaranteed. The good news is that alternatives exist, and some of them match their beauty. Not many would think about a wood flower bouquet, but it is never too late to learn about something new. Sola flowers can be used for any event and any arrangement, and they don’t wither or fall into pieces.

What Is a Wood Flower Bouquet?

A wood flower bouquet is designed from sola flowers, carved naturally from the root of tapioca plants. This brings up a lot of interesting facts. Such flowers last forever, they require minimum maintenance, they can be personalized in numerous ways, and they are available in a variety of designs. Talented people spend a lot of time to carve flowers, they are quite passionate, and they strive to come up with so many shapes and sizes. Some blooms resemble natural ones, and you can easily find roses, orchids, peonies, and more.

You have the freedom to combine blossoms as you desire, based on the type of event you have to attend or organize, or the property you want to decorate. Play with shapes, sizes, and get inspired by online blogs and tutorials. Usually, you can find wood flowers in bulk, so you can buy a bigger quantity and have enough for ongoing projects. Their price is lower compared with natural ones, and don’t forget that they last for many years, and they withstand weather conditions. For example, if it rains on your wedding day or if it is too hot, bouquets and arrangements look as good as new, they are not affected in any way.

Why Choose Sola Flowers

Based on the natural characteristics of the material from which the flowers are made, certain benefits arise. One of them is risk-free allergies. Wood flowers don’t present the risk of allergies, because they don’t have pollen and they don’t smell. If you are planning a big event or if you know someone suffers from allergies, you can offer a bouquet without any hesitation. You can easily find flowers online, at luvsolaflowers.com, and combine them, with the peace of mind that you will have stunning arrangements that will not bother anyone.

Another great consideration is that wood blossoms can be customized in any desired design. Usually, they are available in ivory and natural colors, which means you have to dye them in case you want more color. Simply use the desired paint, multiple types are suitable, and paint each bloom in the desired shade. If you think about it, there are fewer limitations. For example, if you want a blue themed event, you can’t find natural blue flowers, but wooden ones are easy to customize. Use and combine any shade, and you will be surprised of the stunning results. To achieve a perfect shade, watch tutorials online, and see how other passionate people personalize blossoms.

The Wood Flower Bouquet Is the Perfect Choice to Be Eco-Friendly

Isn’t it a shame when fresh flowers are thrown away after a big event or when they wither? If you care about the environment and your budget, you can choose a  wood flower bouquet. The wood from which flowers are made grows quickly, and the harvesting process does not impact the environment in a negative manner. It is always a good idea to look into this subject, especially nowadays when we have such a big impact on natural resources and how hard some of them grow back.

A wood flower bouquet matches perfectly any attire, décor, and theme. No matter if you plan a wedding, an anniversary, a corporate event, if you decorate a house, office, you can make sure the blossoms match the decorations. To complete the look, you can add fillers to bouquets, some greenery has a great impact and resembles more a natural look. It is good to keep in mind that most wooden flowers are available without stems, which means you have the freedom to add whatever you like, such as wire or twigs. These can be wrapped in silk, tulle, organza, or any type of fabric.

A wood flower bouquet can be repurposed and perhaps this is one of the biggest advantages. Once the event is over, you can decorate your home or give the bouquet to someone as a keepsake. It will maintain its shape and color throughout time. If you want to enjoy its beauty more, simply dust the flowers from time to time and keep them away from direct sunlight. At any point, you can remove the flowers and fillers and combine them with others, to constantly have a new arrangement.

Where to Find Sola Flowers

It has been established that a wood flower bouquet brings a lot of value for money. Now the next issue is where to find such blossoms. Because their popularity increased over time, many crafters share their work online. You can easily find online shops that sell wood flowers in bulk or by the dozen, and you can purchase the amount you need for your project.

If you want to see exactly how blossoms look compared to pictures displayed on the websites, purchase a few of them from each category. This way, you can tell if they are of high-quality and exactly as you imagined. It is best to purchase from a reputable seller, one that has a variety of products in stock, all unique, and at reasonable prices. This way, you will create the most beautiful arrangements and a wood flower bouquet that stands out.

Of course, you can always read reviews to find out what other people have to say about the website and once you have the order, start personalizing and arranging the blooms in a way that makes you proud. Many people love playing with shapes and sizes, and they make unique combinations, adding fillers, and other decorations, dyeing and even scenting blooms, so that they stand out anywhere they are placed. 

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