You Need to Ensure That Your Company is PCI Certified! 

Nowadays, the importance of data security has risen exponentially. For this reason, the law forces companies to pass specific standards for all their operations. And credit card payment processing, your company must be PCI certified. But this also means that if you want the software provided by a payment processing company, then you need to ensure that it is PCI compliant. Luckily, if you do thorough research, then you will be able to find payment processors that provide this type of software. And they may also help your company get the certifications needed. 

This standard was implemented to ensure that all the companies that accept payments from credit cards have strong enough data security. The goal is to make it impossible for hackers to steal the personal data of your company or your clients. Without the minimum defense required, it will be very easy to infiltrate your systems and get the card information of your clients. And the card and account information of your company will also be in danger. And the losses that can be produced may even cause your company to close down. 

With the help of a reliable payment processing company is not very difficult to become a PCI certified company. There are 2 steps that you have to follow. The first one is to complete an annual questionnaire. Your partner will provide you with all the information that you need for this step. The second one is to make security scans through an approved company. A reliable payment processor must have a partner in this field that will be able to help you solve this step as well.

What Benefits Can You Expect from Being PCI Certified? 

Now that you know how to become  PCI certified  and that the law requires it, you may be disheartened. There will be certain costs that your company will have to pay regularly. So, the best method is to find out what are the benefits that you can expect to get in return. There are 3 benefits that you can be sure to get, and that will increase the growth rate of your company. 

• Safety. The first and most obvious benefit is the increase in the safety levels of your company. Keep in mind that not only the personal data of your clients can be stolen, but the one of your company as well. And you should not only worry about the company’s money but about the personal information of your employees as well. On the other hand, a PCI compliant company will never have these worries. 
• Trust. You can use this type of certification as a marketing tool that will help your company attract new clients, improve the relationship with the current ones, and improve the trust of your employees. If you market your increase in the security levels of your company, then you can expect to get new clients. Why? Well, they will start to trust your company because of this step. Also, your clients will see the importance that you give them, and they will trust your company even more. The same applies to your employees as well. 
• Sales. One of the hardest parts of a company’s growth is to build trust with potential clients. There are too many frauds nowadays due to the internet’ lack of regulation. So, you need to find methods that will help your company prove itself as a trustworthy business. And one such method is to find standards and guarantees that will show to your potential customers that you value them. And that you try your best to protect their interests.

How to Find a Reliable Payment Processor That Provides a PCI Compliant Software?

As you can see, it can be a great help for your company to become  PCI compliant. But it is easy to do so? Well, it depends on what you really want. Find a payment processor that provides help and software that is PCI compliant is not very hard. But there are many alternatives from which you need to choose from. And the benefits that your company will get in the end depends on the choice that you make. And this will require you to invest some time. But you do not need to worry, that the time investment will bring excellent results for your company. But if you follow 3 simple steps, then you can easily find the best alternative for your company. 

• Make some lists with needs and payment processors. There are many different services that a payment processor can offer. But the needs that companies have differs greatly. So, the first step that you need to take, is to create a list of all the needs of your company. And then, you should use the internet and make another list with all the options that you find on the market. Try your best to find as many options as possible. Doing that will increase your chances to make the best possible choice. 
• Research the websites and integrations they provide. After you have your list is time to start your research. All you have to do is to take each payment processor one by one and compare it with your needs’ list. You should start with the services that it provides. The more needs it can cover, the better. And lastly, you should check the integrations that it can provide and see how many of them could you use to improve your company even more. You should keep only the top alternatives that you found. 
• Test the top alternatives before a long-term collaboration. The last step that you need to take is to test the software of the payment processor. Luckily, most of them will provide you with free trials. So, you can see if the claims that you found on the website meet the reality. Use this opportunity to find out which software can improve your company the most. 

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